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Most “Make Money From Home Fast” guides, teach you how to make money after 3 months work and investing $1000+. These methods are for people that have a low starting budget and need ways to make money online today.

1) Social Media Manager

I started with Social Media Managing. I was on social media all day, might as well get paid for it.

Companies are just now coming to the realization of the importance of social media. As a result, companies are currently paying big bucks for someone to manage their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. You can use this to your advantage and make money from home fast.

They pay for you to finish a certain task. For example, they’ll ask you to like 450 pictures on Instagram. After doing that, they will pay you $95 for example. You are essentially a freelancing social media manager. This is what your account would look like at any given moment. Just click apply to the right then start the task!I personally used Paid Social Media Jobs. I tried many other programs but all of them only had a few jobs available a week. Then I would have to wait till next week. But, Paid Social Media Jobs has so many jobs I can’t even keep up.Make Money Online Now

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If you know how to use social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), this is a good way to make money from home fast.

2) Paid Surveys

I learned about paid online surveys while I was working a full-time job right out of college. I needed some extra income to start paying off my loans. I did not want to get back from work then go out and Uber or get a second part-time job.

That’s when my friend told me about Gold Opinions. The first day I signed up with my survey provider I did 11 surveys in the first 24 hours making over $240. The best part is, you can do these surveys from your smartphone anywhere! This is probably the easiest way to make money online in as quick as an hour.

People always think it’s too good to be true. Here’s a picture of a check I still haven’t gotten around to cashing.

Make Money from home fast

I personally use Gold Opinions They have a sign-up fee but from the couple of survey providers I have signed up with, they have the surveys that pay the best. They routinely have surveys that pay over $15 a survey. Most other providers will have only a very few of those and they will take you 2+ hours.Make Money from home fast

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3) Taking Pictures

I let my sister wright this one because she has been making good money with this method!

love taking pictures. Whenever I go out with my friends to a scenic location, I’m the girl that is trying to take the nicest pictures that I can brag about later.

My friends know I take great photos so whenever they need a good picture, I’m always the one they go to.

Are you in a similar situation? Do you take good pictures? I learned a few months ago that you can make money by taking good pictures and you don’t even need a professional camera. I’ve been using my phone to get paid to take pictures for almost 4 years now!

Every day I wake up, have my cup of coffee, and plan where I’m going to go to take pictures for that day. Yesterday I decided to go to the beach, today I just got back from the airport. All I do is go to these locations, spend 1-2 hours taking pictures with my phone, and upload them to Photography Jobs Online and wait for companies to buy my pictures.

I submit about 100 photos per day online that I took with my phone. From those photos usually about half of them (50 photos) get purchased by companies. I average $1.23/photo that’s $61.50/day. I make almost $2,000/month just to take pictures with my phone.

I really did not believe that you could get paid to take pictures, now I do it daily as my main job!

If you take good pictures with your phone or with a professional camera and want to get paid to take pictures, try Photography Jobs Online.Make Money from home fast

After you start making money with this method, I recommend you read my article on Investing in Real Estate for your path to millionaire status.

It’s Now Time to Take Action, Pick one and Start Making Money From Home Fast!

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